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Message from Cambodia- Focus on Education!

Our Vision:

We want to see children live in peace and security with access to education and opportunity to succeed.

Our mission:

To support the right for vulnerable children to achieve an education and develop their full potential.

Trivani projects in Cambodia were started February 2008 and focus on the quality of education. Quality of education is very important for this country because the entire education system was destroyed in the war, and many well-educated people were killed. These factors contributed to high illiteracy and widespread poverty.

These days, poverty is one of the main causes for children dropping out of school. Poor parents cannot send their children to school because they need the children to stay home and help the family generate income. Moreover, parents cannot afford to buy the study materials and bicycles that their children need to get to school. Additionally, there are very few schools in the district and they are located very far from people’s homes, especially the secondary school and high school. Normally, the students have to spend one or two hours each way traveling to school by bicycle.

The quality of education is poor. Being a state-school teacher is not a well-paid job, so most teachers have to teach private classes to earn extra income. As a result, teachers are careless at their regular state-school classes. If students want to learn more, get good instruction, and succeed on their tests, they have to pay the extra money for private classes. In total there are 15,095 students, including 7140 females, studying in 56 schools in Kravanh. And now just about 600 students are benefiting from the projects, so there are so many students waiting for our urgent response.

In our projects here, Trivani Foundation (TF) partners with Sustainable Cambodia (SC) to change and improve the children and parents’ life.

SC plays a very important role in community development projects (home life) and TF focuses on improving the quality of education (school life). As a result of our efforts, in 2008-2009 we saw the benefits of this vision: students who come to school every day and the families who get more income with hope.

After studying the real situations and difficulties, we came up with an idea to solve these problems by starting the priority need first–a school construction project.

But more about that later.

Chandimang Hing,

Trivani Cambodia country manager


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