Family Literacy Center


Family literacy centers are designed to provide continuous assessment and community and family support for students of all literacy levels. These centers create programs specifically tailored to individual students through one-to-one tutoring combined with student-centered software like Lexia Learning Systems. Lexia Learning Systems, a reading software company in Concord, Mass., uses Lexia Reading to assess a student’s understanding constantly. If the student demonstrates mastery, he moves forward. If he has not understood a lesson, the software harks back. Some students just need more opportunities to understand and practice the lesson in different ways. Lexia Reading not only helps students who are struggling to read but also allows students who are way above the minimum competency to soar. (Forbes Magazine, September 2008)

In partnership with Family Literacy Centers (FLC), the Trivani Foundation is funding literacy centers in downtown Detroit. The Trivani Foundation, together with the support of Trivani Humanitarians around the world, plans to establish literacy centers in the most troubled areas throughout the United States.


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