Asayo’s Wish Foundation

Kaberamaido 3-25-08 083
Asayo’s Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization with its efforts focused mainly in Uganda. The founder of Asayo’s Wish, Sarah Asayo, grew up in Uganda and understands the terrible conditions that face many children and women there. The foundation is currently involved in housing 300 of the “Shadow Children,” a name given to the thousands of children who were orphaned by war.  Trivani is currently sponsoring these children. Trivani is also working with Asayo’s Wish to construct a new orphanage facility for the Shadow Children, where they can find clean water, ample food, and shelter from the violence that surrounds them.

Other Asayo’s Wish projects include building schools in Northern Uganda, purchasing books for a children’s library, providing hospitals with medical equipment and supplies, and creating microfinance enterprises such as sewing machines for Ugandan communities.


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  • 1. duanewyatt  |  November 15, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    I have been working on a project for ten years now to provide new, unique care for hospitalized children and their families.
    I hope that you will look at my “Duanewyatt’s Blog” on this “” website for the photos and information about my “kid’s club” project.
    The unit you will see in the photos is available for donation to good uses.
    Best regards,
    Duane Wyatt


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