Donate Supplies

In an effort to provide our partnering villages and IMG_2825-w648-h480communities with necessary supplies for schools, health, and general infrastructure, Trivani Foundation is currently looking for the following items during the holiday season of 2009:
Books– for small rural libraries
Educational Materials- for rural primary and secondary school teachers
Kick-powered sewing machines (electricity not required)- for Widows microenterprise
Desktop and Laptop Computers (must be less than three years old and in good-working order)- for field staff and internet labs
Cell phones(must be in good working order and preferably unlocked) – for field staff and Kaberamaido widows leaders.

All items should be delivered to the Trivani Foundation offices at 198 S. Main Street in Springville Utah during normal business hours. Pickup of items is only possible for large quantities of supplies. (For Service Projects -Eagle Projects, School projects, etc- please contact Chris Peterson at This list will be updated regularly so please check back regularly. Thanks!

Holiday Giving Option: The Kaberamaido Widows Fund

We are also accepting donations to the Kaberamaido Widows Fund, which is an account that allows Trivani Foundation to issue $50 micro-loans to entrepreneurial widows from Northern Uganda. These women, who have been left destitute and impoverished in the wake of decades-long civil wars have incredible fortitude and determination to provide for their families. Trivani Foundation has developed a micro-lending process in cooperation with local leadership and is looking to increase the funding to this program with a little help from our friends.

To find out how you and your family can help provide a second chance for one (or more) of these women, please click here. For more information, please contact


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