Join us in the field: Come on an expedition with us!

Choice Humanitarian – a primary nepalpartner of Trivani Foundation – is coordinating expeditions to villages we are partnering with across the globe.

Native in-country staff members utilize village-identified projects to empower people, teach resource leveraging skills, and raise leadership capacity. Over a 3-5 year period, Choice villages exceed sustainable development and become self-developing villages.

Choice Expeditions offer a rare opportunity for participants to witness and experience self-development in action within impoverished rural villages. You will work side-by-side with motivated villagers to complete various projects: classroom construction, community water systems, bio-gas digesters, and more. Travel with Choice in 2010 for a unique inter-cultural exchange that builds personal relationships, reveals our interconnectedness, and transforms our lives. Join us as we build people, not just projects.

You can join a CHOICE Expedition for $2195 (with special rates available for students and families).

View the calendar for upcoming trips to Nepal, Kenya, Mexico, Guatamala and Bolivia.

Trivani Foundation representatives will be accompanying the following expeditions during the first half of 2010:

  • Mexico: Feb. 6-13 (Megan McMillan)
  • Lamjung District, Nepal: March27-April 3 (Megan McMillan)
  • Samburu, Kenya: April 3-10 (Chris Peterson)

For more information, please contact trivanifoundation@trivani.com

You can also view this YouTube video from Choice about preparing for an expedition:

Kenya Expedition


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