The Kaberamaido Widows Fund

For decades, Northern Uganda has been plagued with civil wars,IMG_3618 disease and severe poverty. Thousands of destitute widows have been displaced without a home or land. Since subsistence farming is the primary way of survival, many of these widows are forced to rely upon local orphanage resources to provide for their own children. Those who do have a small plot of land are usually only able to provide for basic needs and a hand-to-mouth existence. Faced with school fees, medicine, and medical bills, many of the widows are in dire straits; fighting every day simply for the survival of their families.

The widows are motivated and have organized themselves across the district. They started a local grassroots organization and have established governing committees and elected leaders. Because widows represent the poorest subgroup in Northern Uganda, the Trivani Foundation™ has been focusing efforts upon providing vocational training and issuing microcredit loans for the women.
To raise more funding for this community, Trivani Foundation has recently been purchasing hundreds of beautiful “paper-bead” necklaces from these women and selling them in the United States.

Each necklace is made from magazine pages and demonstrates the creativity, vision, and fortitude these widows of Kaberamaido must exercise daily to survive. By purchasing one of these necklaces, not only will you be helping widows earn an income, but all proceeds will directly support more training opportunities, micro-credit loans, and  an education fund to help these women send their children to school.

To find out how and where you can purchase a necklace, please contact:


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