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Books Sorted and Bound for Africa

An earlier blog post told how Teresa Lindsay had obtained 35,000 donated books for the new schools in Uganda and Kenya.  Once the books arrived, it was necessary to sort, categorize and box them for these two schools and community libraries.  It was determined that this would be a very good Eagle Scout Project.  Sue Ann Lindsay volunteered to head the project.  Four Eagle Scout candidates were recruited:  Logan Lawrence of Orem, Utah; Erik Gomez of Lindon, Utah; Travis Lindsay of Lehi, Utah; and Boone Smith of Lehi, Utah.  The boys spent many hours recruiting workers, finding boxes, providing a potluck lunch and working on the project.

The project took place this last Saturday, February 27, 2010 at the Trivani warehouse in Springville, Utah.  (more…)

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A promising future for Veal Village in Cambodia

On a recent trip to Cambodia, Chris Peterson interviewed Krymara Dy, a very active member of the Veal Village Development Committee (VDC).  Standing outside the new school in Veal, which was funded in part by Trivani, Krymara explains why this school has instilled a sense of hope in the villagers and a sense of promise for the younger generation.

Chandimang Hing, the Trivani Cambodia in-country director, interprets for Krymara.

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Teresa Lindsay collects 35,000 books for Trivani sponsored schools!

Teresa Lindsay, a Trivani Distributor from Orem Utah, has collected almost 35,000 books to equip libraries at Trivani sponsored schools! Here’s her account of how she did it:

I was first introduced to Trivani in October of this year. I was in awe and amazed that such a company existed. I signed up immediately without hesitation. The ability to change a child’s life empowered me. I wanted to step outside of the box and do more. I put a phone call into Megan, Trivani’s Foundation executive director to see what I could do to help her.

She had mentioned that she was in need of books for the children and villages. I immediately stepped into action. I made several attempts to collect books but had little success. My philosophy is “Failure is not an option” so after contacting Megan for more insight, she suggested that I contact local libraries for books. I went right to work. I did collect several boxes but felt this was not enough. I then started connecting with other local librarians in the area and asked about other foundations that might be collecting books for the same purpose. Through my contacts with other foundations I was led eventually to the World Wide Book Organization. Upon building a re-pore with Jake the Foundation President he agreed to give us 21 pallets of books. I then proceeded to ask him exactly how many books that was and was astonished to learn that it was between 30,000 to 35,000 books.

Don’t ever give up (especially for the children) because what your mind believes you will achieve. Set a goal or a promise to yourself and go to work. I have since become a double guardian because I have a passion for these children as I hope all of you do as well.

-Teresa Lindsay, Trivani Distributor

On behalf of Trivani Foundation, thank you Teresa for your work and dedication!

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Teresa’s mother-in-law, Sue Ann Lindsay, who has gotten involved and is helping to coordinate the sorting of the books. It will happen later in February with the help of some local Eagle Scout candidates, their troops, and members of the public. Stay tuned for more about their volunteer efforts and information on how any folks along the Wasatch Front can help as well.

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Meet Rai Farrelly, our new blog coordinator!

Meet Rai Farrelly, Trivani Foundation’s new blog coordinator. We’re excited for Rai’s help to share the latest news and events with our friends, supporters and in-country directors! By way of introduction, here’s a little bit about her:

Trivani Foundation first came into my life because of our shared passions. I was happy to find that Trivani Foundation also worked to increase access to education for children in Sub-Saharan Africa.  My organization, Project Wezesha is dedicated to empowering students in western Tanzania through increased access to education.  Our first big project is building a secondary school for five incorporated villages neighboring Kigoma, Tanzania.  In addition, we currently assist 12 students in the area to achieve higher education goals through scholarships, which cover secondary school fees and other associated costs. (more…)

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Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots

Jodi Bauman first visited Oaxaca (Pronunciation: \wä-ˈhä-kä\), Mexico on vacation. She was charmed by the city’s intricate architecture and the dramatic landscape, but disturbed to see young children, clearly living in poverty, selling trinkets and candy in the streets day and night. Jodi feared that these children would never be able to break out of poverty’s vicious cycle without an education. Wanting to do something, Jodi started by sponsoring individual children, helping them enroll in school and paying for school supplies and uniforms. She persuaded others to do the same, and in 1996, the Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots child sponsorship program was created.

Jodie moved to Oaxaca and chartered a sister organization, El Centro de Esperanza Infantil (the Center of Hope for Children). (more…)

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Another Family Literacy Center in Detroit!

Here is an update on one of our domestic initiatives from Elder Larry Key, who manages the Family Literacy Center in Detroit and has recently expanded efforts through the opening of a second center!


The Family Literacy Center here in the Detroit Metropolitan area is doing well. Presently we are providing services to twenty five students. We have some students who were in the summer program, who have improved their reading skills greatly.

Some students have increased their reading level by one grade level. We have a waiting list because I presently don’t have enough tutors, but I am working to solve that problem soon.

We are hoping that we will be able to pay tutors in the near future if more funding comes in. (more…)

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