Our Five Pillars of Well-Being

The Trivani Foundation has established a five pillar focus to measure community need and community development opportunties.

Education: In partnership with established Ndohivyo PS Aug08 024on-the-ground NGOs, Trivani Foundation will strive to provide access to education and improve the quality of the current educational system. Working through the local infrastructure—this means working with local government entities and village leaders—we will collaborate with partnering orgs to address school infrastructure, teacher training, and school supplies. Potential Projects: School construction, water projects, supply distribution, private tutoring, teacher training, outreach programs, and libraries.

Culture: Indigenous culture isn’t only a part of a village’s identity and IMG_3084-w648-h480practice but is a significant natural resource. By capitalizing on this resource, we hope to provide another avenue for villages to generate income while also preserving their cultural heritage.  Potential Projects: Village tourism, community centers, performance and dance.

Health: Access to health care is a primary focus supported by adequate training, sufficient provisions, and hygiene and sanitation projects. Potential Projects: Clinic construction, medical supplies, medical training, water projects, agriculture, biogas digesters, and medical missions.


Economic Self-Reliance: A key component to self-development is economic self-reliance. Through income generating projects, villagers will eventually be able to support, organize and finance education and health projects on their own. Micro-credit coupled with business training will help villagers start their own businesses. Surveying of local and natural resources will inform local enterprise.  Potential Projects: Micro-loans, business training, and micro-enterprise.

Environment: Preserving the environment will support all IMG_3198-w648-h480community and Trivani endeavors. Planning for future generations connects back to self-sustainability. The idea behind this is that villagers may stay in the village and have access to all of the tools needed for survival and growth. Potential projects: Environmental campaigns, biogas digesters, reforestation, waste management, biodiesel, micro-hydro power, organic farming.


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