Moses Odeke

Moses Odeke, a young thirty-year-old father of six (two boys and four girls), is a new addition to the Trivani Foundation family.  Moses is now functioning as Trivani’s field manager in Kaberamaido, Uganda.   Being a native to the Kaberamaido area, he attended both primary and secondary schools there.  Due to lack of money for school fees, it was difficult for Moses to complete his schooling.  His mother tried to generate enough income for fees by brewing and selling a local ale called Waragi.  When this wasn’t enough, Moses would pay the school gate keeper money to let him attend classes;  he would then have to find another way to take his exams.


Despite these financial difficulties, Moses completed his senior exams and was admitted to National Teachers College, where he studied Religion and Geography.  Following his graduation, Moses began teaching at a private secondary school for orphans.  Shortly thereafter, he was appointed Area Supervisor for the project and served in that capacity for seven years.  During this time he became certified in Computer Education.  He then went to work for the Aids Service Organization as a secretary and began concurrently serving as Executive Director for the Oculoi Orphans Care Project, a project which is designed specifically for orphans, HIV/Aids infected children, disabled ex-abductees, and school drop outs.

Moses’s newest undertaking is his position as Trivani’s Field Manager in which he will oversee the Guardianship Program.   In addition to his professional duties and responsibilities as husband and father, he and his wife voluntarily manage a “family” of thirty people, which includes educating six orphans who are currently attending secondary school and will be completing their senior four level next year.  Trivani Foundation is so pleased to be working with such a true humanitarian—welcome aboard Moses!


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