Juan Alducin

JUAN ALDUCIN PIC47 year old, JUAN ALDUCIN is Trivani’s Country Manager in Mexico. Born and raised in Mexico City, Juan completed first his Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy and then his Masters Degree in Human Development from the University De Silia. Juan has worked in the humanitarian field in a manner of capacities—he has been the project manager at the Mexican Foundation for Rural Development and for the Mexican State Government.  Today, Juan is a project manager and a developmental specialist for Trivani’s partner, CHOICE Humanitarian.

Juan’s varied professional experience has taught him that development work is different everywhere in the world, and more importantly, that development work is about the people and not the place.   He was the first one to recognize the concept of self-developing villages and is one of the most important authors of what is now the CHOICE methodology.  Juan works for CHOICE full-time and has partnered with Trivani to continue implementing his development philosophy, changing the lives of rural villagers throughout Mexico.


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