Jane Agolo

Jane Agolo is Trivani’s new Community Coordinator in Kaberamaido, Uganda.  Jane is 34 years old, married, a native of Kaberamaido, and is multi-lingual (she speaks Kumau, Ateso, and English).  Among her many accomplishments is her extensive education.  After graduating from high school Jane earned a certificate in Primary Education from Shimoni Teachers College, a diploma in Special Needs Education from Kyambogo University, and is currently working on a degree in Psychology at Makerere University.  Jane is currently working as a special needs teacher in a police primary school where she heads the Paiscy Program, which is the President’s initiative in the fight against Aids, STDs, and early pregnancy among school age children in Uganda.


Jane will be spearheading the Stay Alive program in Kaberamaido, working as liaison between government and community, headmasters and parents.

Jane’s most exciting news of late is her foray into motherhood; she recentely gave birth to a baby girl!  She is now a devoted mother as well as a committed teacher.  She expressed her gratitude to Megan for Trivani’s help in her most recent email:  “Thank you for the love that you have for the children of Africa.”  We are so happy to have Jane on board—she is a wonderful addition to our Kaberamaido staff.


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