Erwin Boiser

Erwin Boiser is the Country Manager for Trivani in the Philippines. In a typical day, Erwin sees numerous  people suffering from clubfoot, clef palate, and crossed eyes.

In a letter to Trivani, Erwin explains his job, and the conditions in the Philippines, in his own words.

“My country is a place where you can see everybody smiling—warm and hospitable.  The people here can get along with anybody, but the downside is that hunger and poverty is evident everywhere.  I have just spoken to the only one charitable doctor helping our clubfoots about the cause of the malady and he said, “Two reasons can account for it, the first is genetics or inherited, but mostly in the Philippines it’s malnutrition.  It’s a sad truth!  For the time that I have worked in the foundation most of our recipients are coming from depressed areas and they are many.  Too many to handle.  How I wish that we could help these people, but we can only do so much and there are still many out there, even in the big cities.


Right now I’m using the emergency fund to provide for the fares, some medicines, food, and other essentials for the chosen few.  The emergency fund can only accommodate a few.  For this week I almost have depleted my funds.  But I think I can still manage till the end of the month.  I am also planning to buy a few mattresses and a couple of electric fans, the foundation is lacking these and I think the in-house patients that we have deserve those comforts.  Every time I bring in a patient I always provide for their fares and other essentials.  These people don’t have spare money, not even enough for their families to survive.

I wanted to share some of the words and messages coming from some of our recipients and current patients.  Richard, the father of a club foot child said, “I have waited for this opportunity to give my son Gino a chance to get back on his  feet and enjoy the other things children of his age is enjoying.   The mother of a 3 year old clef said earlier,  “I never thought this day will come,  that a poor family like us with a kid like Misty will have this kind of a blessing—a renewal of my admiration to how God loves kids like mine! I will never forget this and thank you very much!”

These are the things that will keep us going.  I am happy to be part of these and my life has been enriched and renewed every day.”


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