Bishnu Adhikari


BISHNU ADHIKARI is Trivani’s Country Manager for Nepal. Bishnu grew up in the remote village of Okelhpani in the Annapurna Mountain range of Nepal. At a young age, Bishnu was adopted into a school sponsorship program, allowing him to continue attending school beyond primary level. His interest in the sciences led him to Russia, where he attended university and obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Upon graduation, he returned to his hometown of Oklehpani, where he began his tireless efforts to give back to his community, help in the development of his village, and improve its education system. When civil unrest forced Bishnu to flee his village, he made his way to the United States where he completed a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at Monterey, California. Shortly thereafter, Bishnu returned to Nepal and begin development work with Trivani and CHOICE Humanitarian. Bishnu’s impact in his native region has been immeasurable.  He has organized and aided in the development and graduation of several villages.  He leads the cutting edge in developmental engineering technology, changing the standard of living in countless Nepalese homes. Bishnu credits much of his opportunity to the child sponsorship program; had he not been given a hand up through child-sponsorship, his many accomplishments would not have been realized.


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