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Stay Alive Program has taken affirm stand in the twenty-five schools in Kaberamaido, especially being propelled by the Stay Alive theme.

Little did the kaberamaido community know that the Stay Alive Program is amoral revival program.

Couple of weeks back, Mr. Raymond  , a teacher  from one of the neighboring  School conducting Stay Alive lessons, approached me and acknowledged that  , the introduction of Stay Alive Program  in Kaberamaido school s has brought tremendous positive character change among the pupils;

The majority of children make their own decision, as coming to school is not now a task to the parents. Most of the children have taken this as apriority.

Here is okello, a pupil in kaberamaido township primary school in primary five, he used to dodge classes, going to school was hard, but    with the introduction of Stay Alive Program, Okello is among the first children at school

Morally , the children have reformed .The hide and seek game is no longer going on in schools, they have learnt more  about the will of being a person of great worth and deserve to live ,by keeping their bodies free from HIV / AIDS . Recently pupils of Gweton Primary School, voluntary decided to go for HIV / AIDS test in the neighboring clinic. They wanted to maintain their integrity of living with knowledge of their HIV/ AIDS status.


Through Stay Alive Program, most of the pupils have learnt to accept responsibilities for their decisions and actions.

Also to live with integrity; to building care and Emotional health relationship. Paul is A stay live club pupil in Alwa Primary School, in kaberamaido and this is what he says about care and emotional relationship. I ‘m Paul and I will always help any body who deserve my help, whether at or out of school.

Not only is Stay Alive a moral upright program among the children, but it has taken a mile ahead to Economical aspect ; provision of food and money for the schools.

 Recently Gweton Primary school, under the stay alive program decided to go farming. They planted  tomatoes, which they  partly ate and sold .

Below are the nursery beds.

Stay Alive Program must be extended into kaberamaido communities, not only the school-going children but also to the vulnerable village children. With the passed civil, tribal wars and the high HIV/ AIDS infection in the area, this has left a big number of orphans. Stay Alive Program is a Program that brings healing and because of this, Trivani Foundation is determined to bring happiness and joy to this group of people in kaberamaido.

Here are group of orphans under the care of Asayos Wish Foundation Kaberamaido and in which Stay Alive Program has changed minds. Through stay alive lessons conducted in the orphanage, must of this children have changed morally, improved academically, socially and are focused to live along loving life by forgetting their past.


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