Income Generating Program in Isolated Meghauli, Nepal

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A great change brought about by an income-generating program in isolated Meghauli, Nepal

Nepal’s in-country director, Chandra Adhikari has done it again!  Below, he shares a phenomenal update on work being done in underserved areas of rural Nepal.  Lives are being changed and progress is being made – thanks to the dedication of local leaders and sustainable partnerships.

Even being a part of the Chitwan district, Meghauli is one of the isolated villages of Nepal. Partnering with Trivani Foundation, CHOICE  Humanitarian approached this village in 2008.  Now, successful cow, buffalo and goat keeping projects are running in this area to uplift the economic level of the locals. People of this area need these daily wages as the main source of their every day livelihood. Many of them even don’t have a piece of land; they have small cottage where 6-10 people are struggling to survive together.

 Meet Jayasara Pariyar who is standing in-front of her small cottage. She has 6 members in her family and six of them are living in this small cottage which is very hard even to believe.  

CHOICE approached this village and found another partner Clinic Nepal, a local NGO, working hard and supporting the locals in different areas like health, education, sanitation and others. As we showed our proposal to Clinic Nepal, this NGO became ready to partner and support this project. With the donation that was donated by Clinic Nepal,we bought a 24,000 meter square plot of land where the landless locals can run the buffalo, cow and goat keeping, as well as vegetable farming businesses for a living. We constructed a shed for them so that they don’t need to spend money on this too.

Now a few more families are engaged in cow and goat keeping as well as vegetable farming. The business which they are doing now provides a better daily income than before.  In addition, the project is directly supporting the kids that are in the families to go to school and have education.    

When we bought the land it was not cultivated and was like an open play ground. It was totally dry and nothing was there. There was no water and the land was worthless. The cost of land was also less, since there were no options for the cultivation. Now, the price of the land hiked up so much.  We started the project at the right time; any later and it would have been hard for us even to dream this project because whatever amount we spent so far for this project would not have even been enough to by the land presently.

Recently, I had the privilege to visit this project. I was amazed by the change that was brought to the people’s lives by this project, especially to the kids’ education. The change that occurred within this short period of time is amazing.

There were cows and goats in the shed and green chilies, green beans, corn and other vegetables in the field. As I witnessed that the villager’s lives have been changed by this project, I did not have any words to thank the Lord and the people who were involved directly and indirectly to make it happen. When we proposed the project, the cost of a cow or buffalo was NRs. 40,000. Now, the price has hiked up and reached to NRs. 80,000-100,000.

Since we are lacking the funds the project is not yet progressing well as we dreamed.  But it will; I know that our small and unremarkable support can bring the drastic change to these unfortunate people’s lives. The innocent quiet children that I have seen in the village spending their valuable time playing, carrying the sand, chasing buffalo, cow, goats and breaking the aggregates in the river side will soon know a future where they can go to school and have a better education. Our small sacrifice can bring joy to these people’s life.      

-Chandra Adhikari


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