Highlights from Kravanh, Cambodia

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The education projects in Kravanh, Cambodia have been running since 2008 with great support from Trivani Foundation and critical support from the local community – including the in-country director for Trivani Foundation, teachers, parents and students.

Here is a montage of highlights from the educational programming which speaks to the success of the village of Kravanh.

The Krvanh Bright Future Center

The Kravanh Bright Future Center (KBFC) is a school program which gives students the opportunity to get additional support for their studies.  They are guided as they strive to reach their academic and career goals.  To date, there are 300 students, 115 of whom are girls.  There are 30 classes offered a day which are managed by 10 full-time staff and 6 part-time staff.

Student Outreach Program

The local outreach program serves 670 students, 323 of whom are girls.  Currently they are taking classes in 12 schools and communities and are taught by 13 teachers.  The dedication of these teachers is what gives these students an additional boost for their learning. 


School Supplies

School supplies are difficult to come by for many students.  With Trivani’s support, many students have received the supplies they need to be successful in school.  607 students (135 from the KVBC and 472 from the Outreach Program) were given new supplies for this academic school year!



The dormitory provided for some of the older students enables them to focus on their education and worry less about getting to and from school.  They also have the experience of relying on one another for much-needed support.  In addition, they are given a plot of land on which to farm.   Currently the dorm houses 22 students, 12 of whom are young women.


 The Kravanh Bright Library

The library is accessible by students from the Kravanh Bright Future Center as well as all other students in Kravanh.  There are 1490 books in this library, giving students the chance to explore the world through text.  The children love reading so much and so, the KBFC is still pursuing donors for more books to keep up with their hunger for knowledge. 


Computer Classes

The computer center in Kravanh is available for use by anyone in the area.  The center has graduated 105 students, 52 of whom are girls and women.  The graduates include students, teachers, a monk, the village chief and other government staff.  Computer skills will be critical as the village continues to expand its educational programming.




The Trivani Foundation finds much inspiration from the success of the programming in Cambodia.  The commitment by the locals is impressive and the organization and follow through by our in-country director, Dimang, sets the standard high for other project managers and in-country directors.  Thank you, Dimang for your hard work! 

Thank to all the donors and supporters of the work Trivani Foundation supports.


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