CHOICE-Trivani Empowers Isolated Village – Madi, Nepal

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Madi is an isolated village in the Chitwan district of Nepal.  While Chitwan is considered a developed district, Madi in contrast is quite undeveloped with limited infrastructure and health services.  It is bordered on three sides by dense forested hills and separated from Chitwan by two rivers.  The people of Madi are often challenged to travel in and out of the village during monsoon season, when the rivers swell beyond their banks.  Villagers wait hours for the river to become passable, and even then crossing the river is usually only possible on the back of an elephant or in a buffalo-drawn cart.

Below, Chandra Adhikari, a CHOICE-Trivani in-country team leader, recounts the contributions made to the remote village of Madi through this humanitarian partnership, including improvements to indoor air quality, increased educational opportunities and economic development.

Bio-Gas Digesters for Cleaner Air and Healthy Lungs

CHOICE Humanitarian started working in Madi in 2005. Presently, CHOICE is trying hard to reduce the indoor air pollution problems by building biogas digesters. So far, more than fifteen hundred Bio-Gas digesters have been built in different areas of Nepal to make smoke-free kitchens. Out of these fifteen hundred Bio-Gas digesters, Madi alone has more than three hundred!

See the impact of Bio-Gas stoves in this montage filimed and produced by CHOICE  Nepal and Rebekah Sosa.

School Building – Empowerment through Education

Partnering with Trivani Foundation, CHOICE Humanitarian is building new school in different areas. The CHOICE-Trivani contribution to the Khairahani School played a significant role.  This partnership not only energized and motivated the locals for their self-development, but also encouraged government agencies to make Madi a priority area in their programs. Since then, the DEO (District Education Office) gave NRs-825,000 (about $11,785) and the DDC (District Development Committee) gave NRs-200,000 (about $2,857) toward completing an eight classroom school building. This is a reinforced concrete structure that will withstand major earthquake shocks. During our last site visit in August, 2010 the second floor construction work was going on. 

The principal of the school Mr. Sashidhar Baral said “Previously, we in Khairahani thought that we were helpless because the schools that were established way later than ours have already upgraded to the secondary level. Now, CHOICE-Trivani has played a significant role and we were able to construct this building. So far we received Nrs-1,850,000 (about $25,000). With this support it’s hard even to dream this huge building but the financial, technical, moral and other support that we received from CHOICE-Trivani team made it possible. We deeply thank to CHOICE-Trivani for playing a vital role in building this new facility. Fore sure we need more funds to complete this building. We are requesting to all who can support us in this time. We also request CHOICE-Trivani for further support.”     







Khairahani School Madi, Chitwan which is in under construction

Economic Development – Supporting Small Entrepeneurs

Partnering with Trivani Foundation, CHOICE is also focusing in different programs that directly affect the people living in isolated areas of Nepal. This partnership also funds economic development projects like buffalo and goat keeping.  Because of the CHOICE presence in the area, the people in Madi are more united for their self-development. Furthermore, they are becoming stronger in leadership and networking skills to continue their development. Now, they see abundance of opportunities and possibilities in Madi to sustain their lives.

During our last visit to Madi we had privilege to attend the meeting with locals for the goat keeping project that CHOICE-Trivani is planning to lunch in Sep 2010. Committees have been formed for this program. The required preparation for the project has been completed.  The locals are very much exited for this program. They think that this program will support them to generate income and support them to send their children to school. The locals are working together to fulfill the purpose of the project. In the beginning of the project, goats will be distributed to the first, second and third group. (There will be 10 families in each group). When they return the goats those will be distributed to the fourth, fifth and six groups.  The cycle will continue from there and many families will be supported!

Thank you to Chandra for visiting Madi and sharing the impact of this CHOICE-Trivani partnership in action.  Great work, everyone!


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