Olongo Water Project Brings Fresh Water to Children in Philippines

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Almost 850 elementary school children in two rural Philippines villages are celebrating newly installed water systems that now bring potable running water to their schools.  This is a dream come true for the teachers, administrators and parents who have long wished for access to clean water for the school children.  Erwin Boiser, the in-country director for Trivani Philippines shares the emotion of the festivities wherein school staff, children and parents recently celebrated the water systems with ribbong cuttings, speeches, dances and tears of joy.

We successfully turned over two water systems – one in Tungasan, an elementary school with 271 students and another in POO, an elementary school with 470+ students.

The Tungasan turn over ceremony was attended by some teachers, parents, a Barangay official and the student government president. It was extra special as the first time that the Department of Education was able to send a representative to personally thank Trivani Foundation in realizing a long time dream to have a potable water supply for the schools in the island. Mr. Dionisio Lood was teary eyed as he recalled that when he was still teaching on the island it was hard for the pupils to get water to water their ground and for their washing.  Now he is so proud of the development in the schools that have installed their water system – not just for the benefit of the pupils but for the nearby community.

On behalf of the Department of Education, he wanted to extend heartfelt gratitude for the extension of Trivani services. He said that Olongo is more than blessed to meet groups like us that help in improving the services of the elementary schools in the island. He can also say that the elementary schools in Olango can now be compared to the schools in the city. He then encouraged the pupils, teachers, and parents to safeguard the water system and at the same time improve it some more.  Everybody was also happy touring the facility and trying out every faucet they could find. Tungasan is now blessing the pupils with 10 water faucets inside the classrooms, reviving two wash rooms for washing their hands, face and feet and at the same time aiding the kids with fresh drinking water.  

The Poo elementary school celebration was well attended with the lady Barangay Captain Booc and her secretary for Barangay education at her side, musing at the wonder of the newly installed water system. The place was in party mode as the turn over ceremory was well organized with the Parents Association president attending the ceremony.  Dance numbers were just lightening the mood of everybody under scorching heat of the sun.  Everybody was so happy that their school is now equipped  with the water system.  The system includes 7 very efficient faucets in the washing area, around 30+ individual classroom faucets; they also revived 7 wash rooms and started their vegetation projects. 

Words that really inspired me are in the written work read by the student body president – he said:

“On behalf of the pupils of POO Elementary School, it is a great privilege and honor standing in front of you to express our heartfelt thanks and warmest gratitude to Erwin Boiser and Trivani Foundation for choosing our school to be one of the recipients of the water system. As the president of the student group and one of the pupils who’s benefiting from the modernized water system and its convenience we say thank you a million! Since water is one of our deepest needs in maintaining our classrooms, wash rooms, personal hygiene and vegetation we will be forever indebted to Trivani Foundation and their effort to help us obtain a better chance in education and learning again.  MABUHAY (long live!) and thank you very much.” 





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