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Olongo Water Project Brings Fresh Water to Children in Philippines

Almost 850 elementary school children in two rural Philippines villages are celebrating newly installed water systems that now bring potable running water to their schools.  This is a dream come true for the teachers, administrators and parents who have long wished for access to clean water for the school children.  Erwin Boiser, the in-country director for Trivani Philippines shares the emotion of the festivities wherein school staff, children and parents recently celebrated the water systems with ribbong cuttings, speeches, dances and tears of joy.

We successfully turned over two water systems – one in Tungasan, an elementary school with 271 students and another in POO, an elementary school with 470+ students.

The Tungasan turn over ceremony was attended by some teachers, parents, a Barangay official and the student government president. It was extra special as the first time that the Department of Education was able to send a representative to personally thank Trivani Foundation in realizing a long time dream to have a potable water supply for the schools in the island. Mr. Dionisio Lood was teary eyed as he recalled that when he was still teaching on the island it was hard for the pupils to get water to water their ground and for their washing.  Now he is so proud of the development in the schools that have installed their water system – not just for the benefit of the pupils but for the nearby community. (more…)


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A Successful Dental Camp in Lamjung, Nepal

CHOICE-Trivani Nepal organized a dental camp in Lamjung in February 2010.   Chandra, one of the in-country directors for CHOICE-Trivani in Nepal, details the impressive success of the camp as evidenced by the great numbers of individuals who were impacted.

The camp was started on 13th Feb and ended on 21st Feb. Four Village Development Committees – Ramgha, Jeeta, Sindure and Purankot – were included in this camp.

270 people from Ramgha and Samibhangang benefited from the two day camp that was held in Ramgha.

 253 people benefited from Jeeta and neighboring villages from the two day Jeeta camp.

170 people benefited from Thuloswara camp that was held in Sindure, Thuloswara.    

172 people benefited from two day camp that was held in Purankot.



All together Eight Hundred and Ten people were benefited during this camp.

With continued support, these dental camps can be offered time and again to reach more people in the region.  The collaboration among Trivani Foundation, CHOICE Humanitarian and the local community leaders was essential for the successful implementation of the first dental camp.  We look forward to more dental camps and future initiatives from within the local community to promote access to healthcare and education for all villagers!  Way to go teams!

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Advanced Beadwork Training in Kaberamaido

The second widows bead training was a five day training, where the widows underwent the advance training in bead making. They were trained to make items like bangles, belts, earrings, chunky beads and many other craft items. In this picture is a beautiful beaded pocket bag.

This training took place from 16-Feb to 21-Feb-2010 at the Angels nursery located within Kaberamaido town. The training was very successful and most of the widows had the following to testify:

We were widows, but after receiving this training, we are no longer only widows because of our achievements.  We acquired basic skills in making better bead necklaces and other items, which we shall sell and get money. This will enable us to earn a living, take our children back to school and have better life despite being a widow.

We had a nice Christmas party in 2009. This came out of our savings from the sale of the beads we had made and sold internationally and locally. We managed to buy a cow, which we used as meat during our Christmas celebration. This bead training has given us pride in Kaberamaido society. We can now also do something unique of which we are also recognized in Kaberamaido district.

The widows have been empowered with skills, knowledge, hope and better life in Uganda and in Kaberamaido especially. They are ready to explore the heavens on earth through the skills and knowledge they acquired from the training.  Thanks to Megan, Jane and all the Trivani Foundation team to have made the Kaberamaido widow gain her hope in Uganda and Kaberamaido society.

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In 2009, Megan and I came up with an idea of putting the widows in projects that could make them self-reliant. We indentified the Bead making project and we went ahead to have the widows trained. Bead making is one of the lucrative businesses in Uganda that has changed lives of mostly the un-employed women.   They have built permanent houses in Kampala, taken their child to good schools, paid university fees for some of them who have decided to study and managed to meet their other basic needs in life.

We trained thirty widows, who managed to acquire the basic skills in bead making and they managed to make moderate classic beads that we sold for them both locally and internationally.  -Jane

Here is the picture of the classic beads 






Widows learning how to make the beaded necklaces


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Books Sorted and Bound for Africa

An earlier blog post told how Teresa Lindsay had obtained 35,000 donated books for the new schools in Uganda and Kenya.  Once the books arrived, it was necessary to sort, categorize and box them for these two schools and community libraries.  It was determined that this would be a very good Eagle Scout Project.  Sue Ann Lindsay volunteered to head the project.  Four Eagle Scout candidates were recruited:  Logan Lawrence of Orem, Utah; Erik Gomez of Lindon, Utah; Travis Lindsay of Lehi, Utah; and Boone Smith of Lehi, Utah.  The boys spent many hours recruiting workers, finding boxes, providing a potluck lunch and working on the project.

The project took place this last Saturday, February 27, 2010 at the Trivani warehouse in Springville, Utah.  (more…)

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Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots – A Closer Look

Trivani Foundation superstar, Megan McMillan visited the Centro de Esperanza in Oaxaca, Mexico.  She investigated the fabulous work the Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots (OSCG) organization is doing for families in the area.  OSCG impacts the families of 600 children and success stories abound!  Some of the program’s former students have gone on to become lawyers, doctors, teachers and engineers!  Below, Megan recounts her visit to the Centro de Esperanza and the homes of some of the children’s families.  Find out what it’s all about as Megan shares her story:


On the first day of my trip to Oaxaca, I visited the Centro de Esperanza Infantil with board member Dave Slaymaker as my host. This center provides children of all ages the opportunity to study computer skills, English, Math and Spanish.  There is also a full scale Kindergarten on site. In addition, parents of the children who are enrolled in the program can volunteer on-site by cooking in the kitchen, cleaning or offering childcare for parents who work.  All students as well as parents who contribute time as volunteers are provided with two meals per day. 


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