Great Developments in Oaxaca

February 10, 2010 at 8:54 pm Leave a comment

After a week spent in the city streets of Oaxaca City, Mexico, I’m mystified. Oaxaca City is a myriad of cultures (there are 16 different indigenous groups in the district), political instability, Spanish architecture, tourists, ex-pats, and poverty.  As of late, there is a tendency for indigenous groups, such as the Trique, to leave their villages and migrate to the city in hopes of a better life. Unfortunately, upon arrival, most of these villagers don’t speak Spanish and lack a skill-set necessary to make in it in urban areas. Consequently, families take to selling crafts on city streets, producing almost enough for a barebones existence. This means that the majority of children affected by a lifestyle of migration never get to attend school but remain within the cycle of street life.

Fortunately, Oaxaca Street Children Grass Roots and the Centro de Experanza Infantil were founded.  For roughly two decades now, OSCGR has changed the lives of indigenous street families who have migrated to Oaxaca City in hopes of a better life.  Not only have they supported children through school until the 6th grade (a necessity for all children as per Mexican law) but they have also committed to sponsoring and empowering willing students until and throughout their higher education experience. In fact, during my visit I was lucky enough to meet the first doctor to graduate from the program.

Along with connecting street children to sponsors, OSCGR is dedicated to educating families about hygiene, sanitation, the Spanish language, and women’s rights.  Martha, OSCGR board member, reflects, “I remember when none of the mothers spoke Spanish. And they were learning Spanish at the center and their husbands said they had to stop. Nowadays, all of the mother’s speak Spanish.”

Trivani Foundation is a proud partner of OSCGR. Having visited the projects personally, I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together. For more information on OSCGR or to learn how to sponsor a child in Oaxaca, visit their website:

Stay tuned for more highlights of my trip to Oaxaca within the coming weeks!



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