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A New Partnership: Hope for Oaxaca Street Children

On a recent trip to Mexico, Megan McMillan visited with families who have been positively impacted by the Centro de Esperanza  or Center of Hope, which is a grassroots program for Oaxaca street children.  These children have homes, but they are called ‘street children’ because they work in the streets to make money and support their families.  Through the Centro de Esperanza in Oaxaca, these children are able to focus their attention on getting an education and simply being children.  The program provides meals, uniforms, school supplies and a tremendous peace of mind for the children and their parents.  Watch and listen as they tell their stories and share their message of hope!


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‘An Exciting Painting Fun’- Mural Project in Cambodia!

In Cambodia, Chris Peterson collaborated with the students at Kravanh Bright Future Center to create a mural.  The experience allowed the students to tap into their creative side, show their individual interests through art and share their vision of Cambodia with the world.  The smiles on their faces next to the finished painting say it all!

During the busy days of Chris’s trip to Cambodia, all the students in Kravanh Bright Future Center had a very exciting painting task. They enjoyed painting very much. We got such a nice painting which is hung on the wall now. The students hadn’t thought they could do something like that. All of them liked it and enjoyed taking photos in front of the painting.

They also want to show the painting to the world. The painting can show the world what Cambodian children mostly think about. It describes the landscape of their country as well.       – Sokvorn

It will be exciting to see what future artistic projects the students embrace in the coming months, now that they see what great talent they have!

Great job, everyone!


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Recognizing Outstanding Students & Computer Class Graduates

Sokvorn, the head teacher at Kravanh Bright Future Center, shares highlights from the outstanding student award ceremony, which serves to acknowledge the students’ efforts in the variety of classes they enjoy at the center.

In Kravanh Bright Future Center (KBFC), all the students can join extra classes which are Math, Chemistry, Physics, Khmer, English, French, and Computer Skills. To motivate the students to study hard, we provide awards to the outstanding students, based on scores and class performance. Doing that, they gain face and the other students would like to follow in their footsteps. All the awards are school supplies like dictionaries, pens, rulers, notebooks, pencils, and erasers.


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Great Developments in Oaxaca

After a week spent in the city streets of Oaxaca City, Mexico, I’m mystified. Oaxaca City is a myriad of cultures (there are 16 different indigenous groups in the district), political instability, Spanish architecture, tourists, ex-pats, and poverty.  As of late, there is a tendency for indigenous groups, such as the Trique, to leave their villages and migrate to the city in hopes of a better life. Unfortunately, upon arrival, most of these villagers don’t speak Spanish and lack a skill-set necessary to make in it in urban areas. Consequently, families take to selling crafts on city streets, producing almost enough for a barebones existence. This means that the majority of children affected by a lifestyle of migration never get to attend school but remain within the cycle of street life.


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A promising future for Veal Village in Cambodia

On a recent trip to Cambodia, Chris Peterson interviewed Krymara Dy, a very active member of the Veal Village Development Committee (VDC).  Standing outside the new school in Veal, which was funded in part by Trivani, Krymara explains why this school has instilled a sense of hope in the villagers and a sense of promise for the younger generation.

Chandimang Hing, the Trivani Cambodia in-country director, interprets for Krymara.

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Jane Agolo of our Uganda Trivani team has written to share information about Trivani’s work in Kaberamaido, a village in rural Uganda.  Trivani has become involved with several widows groups in Kaberamaido.  Through micro-finance loan opportunities the widows are not only able to provide for their families’ physical well-being, but they also gain much-needed independence and dignity.  In addition, Trivani continues to support students in primary schools throughout the Kaberamaido District with Stay Alive, a program that focuses on helping children stay HIV and AIDS free.

Here is Jane’s description of these two on-going, community enriching projects.

Trivani project is one of its kind to exist in Kaberamaido, which has drawn attention of everybody. The way it operates leads to planning for the future – especially those who have lost hope in life – the widows, orphans, disabled , the needy, HIV +, the aged; thus fighting poverty in Kaberamaido.

The Widows Program

 The widows get micro finance loans for various businesses and pay back without any interest. They make beads for sale (see photo below); they are also involved in tailoring, bakery and farming, which has made widows to have a voice in the community. In African culture women are regarded as properties and rejected in the society.



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