Report from Moses Echibu: New Mural at Asayo’s Wish!

December 30, 2009 at 11:29 pm 2 comments

I am so excited to pass on this report from Uganda I just received today. Moses Echibu, one of the field staff at Asayo’s Wish Orphanage just sent me this email that includes photographs of a new mural on the girls curtain latrine at the orphanage. As an “art student”, Moses has continued to work with the children, allowing them opportunities to be expressive and creative with paint. (The paint was left from the first mural undertaken at the Orphanage in September when Megan and I were there last. ) Thanks Moses!


hi chris,
how are you ? did you have a merry christmas ? i hope so !!!! we had ours with the orphans and it was so nice and lovely. the kids would love to know how you enjoyed your christmas. i told them that you are in the winter, i explained to them how very very cold it is there in the US. they were like how did you manage to enjoy your christmas. did you have it inside the house or what ? by the way you are definetly right when you say that you would wish to be in uganda putting on shorts and sandles coz its still sunny though there is some small rain.

the painting has been going on well though we had to tussel it out to come up with something compositional like real professional artists you know. i would like to first of all apologise for not sending the pictures very soon but pliz i beg you, may you be merciful to me. i did not mean it to delay. the camera had not been with me for some time since it moves with in many hands for project purposes. these are not the only pictures that i’m supposed to send to you but since i had little time to be with the camera i decided to select some to send for you now but more are coming. the pictures were drawn on the curtain wall of the girls latrine.

i’m hoping that the next place to draw our pictures will be guest house were you sleep when you come to visit us before we can go next to the boys latrine. my main aim was to exercise the kids on how express colours on different backgrounds. there is the blue and cream background. i have a simple quiz for you. can you guess what the kids were communicating through the pictures. i wont tell you for now coz i dont want to cheat for you. if you guess wrong then i’ll tell you.

concerning the paint, there is still some small amount remaining. much of it was ued like blue, yellow, green. if you can send for us more if possible then the better so we can exercise our talents in art. i have discovered that there are some kids who are very good in still life while others are good in nature study, others are good in complex hidden artistic expressions. i have finalised with my exams and i shall be getting my official result slip in mid febuary. thank you for thinking about me concerning my university studies and i pray that GOD leads you favourably that i may be able to also go the university. it realy shall be a dream come true on my behalf and also on the kids behalf, they shall see me as a physical example and this will make them to take their exams seriously to be what they see in me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

the kids miss and love you much. sometimes when they foget your name they call you the art and paint teacher haa  haaaa !!!!!!. it kind of ahh makes me smile and know how much they love you.
hhmmmmm!!!!  bye for now.
take very good care,


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  • 1. Elisa  |  January 5, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    I love to hear the authentic voices of the country managers and teachers. This entry shows that the effects of Trivani’s visits last long after representatives have gone home.

    I also shows how vital self-expression is the identity. This is a great gift to these children who have struggled to find a place in their world.

  • 2. Izumi  |  January 6, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    I love hearing a direct message from field staff! It made me smile to know how well children are doing and see their amazing art work. thank you for sharing it!


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