Asayo’s Wish Community Outreach Orphan Care Program

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Through the “Community Outreach Orphan Care Program (COOCP)”, Asayo’s Wish orphaned children are provided food, housing and education. Biological families are identified and children placed within those families.

 We realize that raising children in orphanages as opposed to families affects their cognitive, social, emotional and even intellectual development. Separation from the family is harmful to children; it doesn’t matter how poor the relative is, family is still family — children need that sense of belonging… and that is why we try to place children with their relatives and children who cannot be connected to their biological families with families who are willing and are

Widow Guardian to 14 Children

 able to care for them. We know that children experience a richer, more wholesome childhood if they are raised within a family rather than in the orphanage.

Traditionally, orphans in the village were raised by the extended family, and many families continue to take in orphaned children…. however due to years of civil war, family structures are buckling under the pressure of caring for additional children. Too poor to cope, many families now reject these children, leading to a large number of children in the orphanage and in the streets.

 The Foundation at-present runs an orphanage with about 178 orphaned children, but we realize this is a last resort. We rescue and only admit children in extreme situations, for instance, where a child has no one to care for them and would perish without our support… children who have lost all relatives due to years of civil war and the effect of AIDS and very young children with feeble/terminally ill relative who cannot care for them…

 We are working on expanding our Community Outreach Orphan Care Program . Taking careful steps to ensure children are successfully placed with relatives or willing non biological families.

Grandmother and her 9 Grandchildren

We tend to focus on the moral issue of homeless, orphaned children, but we need to look at the economics of it and create minimum standards that relatives and willing community members must meet in order to care for the children. Sometimes the relatives are only interested in the deceased’s property or in the financial support AWF provides the children and not the child’s welfare, when they offer to take in an orphaned child

The people left to care for the children – often their grandparents – also need support beyond ensuring the children are fed, clothed and educated. They need the community’s support in parenting these children, and checks and balances to ensure the young children will not wind up looking after their old grandparents instead of going to school.

As long as relatives and caring non biological families are willing and have the financial capacity and our collective support to raise orphaned children, we recognize that a family is the best place for a child and we (AWF) will continue to provide education opportunity for orphans to grow up in a caring family environment, other than in the orphanage.

Thank you,

Sarah Asayo

Asayo’s Wish Foundation
P.O. Box 206
Midvale. Utah. 84047


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